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Beate Gersch: Home


Greetings!  I am the subject librarian for two departments on the University of Akron campus:  Communication and Modern Languages.

What does that mean?

  • I collaborate with faculty to create meaningful library instruction
  • I help students and faculty locate information resources
  • I keep students and faculty informed about new resources, services, and events in Bierce Library

What do I do all day?

  • I assist anyone in Bierce Library with their research and assignments
  • I teach classes about library resources and effective research
  • I work with a great team of colleagues across campus to support student learning
  • I keep up with what's going on in academic libraries around the country
  • I attend workshops and seminars to further my professional knowledge and skills

What I don't do:

  • Look up answers to your exam questions
  • Find sources for your papers (but I help YOU find them)
  • Proofread your papers