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Brand Management: 6600 440: Getting Started

Welcome to the Brand Management 6600:440 Course Guide

Greetings and welcome to your library research course guide. This guide contains the research tools you will need to successfully complete this course. Explore it fully to make certain you have utilized all of the sources necessary to excel in this class!

The most important reading material for this course is the assigned textbook: Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity.  Kevin Lane Keller, Fourth edition. 2013. Pearson Education, Inc.  ISBN13: 978-0-13-266425-9.

Learning Objectives for this course are:

  • Understand the concept of brand equity and its major elements including brand identity, brand integrity and brand resonance
  • Describe the advantages that well designed brands have over competitive products…..from the point of view of the customer
  • Assess the brand equity of your brand relative to competitors
  • Integrate the elements of customer based brand equity into branding strategies that optimally position your brand relative to competitors
  • Evolve the brand through the judicious use of line and brand extension, and co-branding strategies

To remain focused and on track consult your Course Syllabus often: