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Office Policy and Procedure Manual Assignment (Wayne College): Books in the Library

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Books in the Library

HF 5549.2 .U5 M48 2013 Human resources kit for dummies.

REF HF 5549.2. U8 L36 2006 v.1-3 Landry, R.J. The comprehensive, all-in-one HR operating guide : 539 ready-to-adapt human resource letters, memos, procedures, practices, forms and more.

REF HF5549.5 I53 G84 2017 Create your own employee handbook: a legal & practical guide for employers

REF HF 5686 .P37 S53 2000 Sides, Rhonda W. and Michael A. Roberts. Accounting handbook for medical practices.

REF HG 9396 .F67 2012 Fordney, Marilyn. Insurance handbook for the medical office.

REF KF 1183 .H83 2003 Hubbard, Michael W. HIPAA policies & procedures desk reference.

REF KF 3455 .S737 2017 Steingold, Fred. S. The employer's legal handbook. 

KF 3827 .B67 2014 Borten, Kate. The no-hassle guide to HIPAA policies: a privacy and security toolkit.

REF R 728 .M635 2005 Moghadas, Kathryn I. Medical practice policies and procedures.

REF R 728 .M636 2009 Moghadas, Kathryn I. Tools for an efficient medical practice : forms, templates, and checklists.

REF R 728 .P747 2014 Price, Courtney. HR policies and procedures manual for medical practices.

REF R 728.5 .N49 2014 Newby, Cynthia and Nikita Carr.  Insurance in the medical office: from patient to payment.

REF R 728.8 .A56 2009 Andress, Alice Anne. Saunders Medical Office Management.

REF R 728.8 .H382 2010 Harrison, CarleneMedical Office Handbook.

REF R 728.8 M279 2013 Medical office management.

REF R 728.8 .M397 2007 Medical Management Institute. The medical office policy handbook: managing personnel policies in a healthcare practice.

R 728.8 .M42 1996 (RESERVE SHELF) Medical Management Institute.  The medical office policy manual. 

REF R 728.8 .P665 2014 Potter, Brenda A. Medical Office Administration: A worktext

REF R 729.5 .G6 W348 2016 Woodcock, Elizabeth W. MGMA Operating policies and procedures manual for medical practices.

REF R 858 .J665 2010 Jones, Edward D. III and Carolyn P. Hartley. Policies and procedures for the Electronic Medical Practice.

REF R 864 .B67 2003 Borglum, Keith C. and Diane M. Cate. Medical practice forms : every form you need to succeed.

REF R 864 .H375 2012 Hartley, Carolyn P. and Edward D. Jones. EHR Implementation: A Step-by-step guide for the medical practice.

REF RA 971 .E52 2004 Stahl, Michael J. ed. Encyclopedia of health care management.

REF RA 971 .S73 2014  Stanley, Kay. Policies and procedures for a successful medical practice.

REF RA 972 ,G757 2014 Sagin, Todd, MD, JD. The top 45 medical staff policies and procedures.

RA 976 .G83 2015 Grider, Deborah J.  Medical record auditor; a guide to improving clinical documentation in a changing health environment.

On Reserve: Medical Management Institute. The medical office policy manual.

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  • Perform a keyword search using a combination of any of the following:
    • medical office or health care office
    • policies or procedures
    • handbook or manual or guidelines or forms
  • For example:
    • (medical office OR health care office) AND (policies OR procedure*) AND (manual OR handbook)

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