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Career Development & Job Hunting Resources (Wayne College): Books

Featured Books

Searching for Career Materials in the UA Libraries Catalog

Go to the UA Libraries Catalog to perform a keyword search for your career interest and "vocational guidance."  This is the established subject sub-heading for career resources.

For example:

  • Veterinarian AND vocational guidance
  • Nursing AND vocational guidance
  • Social Work AND vocational guidance

Consider using truncation or additional search operators to expand your search if needed:

  • nurs* AND vocational guidance
  • (social work OR social service) AND vocational guidance

If you do not find enough materials in the UA Libaries Catalog, expand your search to the OhioLINK or SearchOhio catalogs.

Search the UA Libraries Catalog

Books in the Library

Online Web Resource Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.

BF 76 .C38 2017  Robert J. Sternberg, ed. Career paths in psychology: where your degree can take you.  

BF 76 .H45 2015   Jeffrey L. Helms, Daniel T. Rogers. Majoring in psychology : achieving your educational and career goals.  

GV 7343.3 .C37 2017 Salem Press. Careers in sports & fitness. 

HD 69 .S8 F38 2014  Faulkner, Michael Lawrence and Andrea Nierenberg. Networking for every college student and graduate: starting your career off right.

HF 5381.D87 2016  Lange, Dr. Dustin D. et. al. Camo to career: the veterans guide to career success.  

HF 5381 .E52 2017 (Reference) Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.

HF 5381 .K715 2015 Kreamer, Anne. Risk/reward : why intelligent leaps and daring choices are the best career moves you can make.  

HF 5381 .L453 2015 Aliza Licht. Leave your mark : land your dream job, kill it in your career, rock social media. 

HF 5381 .P757 2015  Pryor, Jeffrey W. and Alexandra Mitchell. Compassionate careers: making a living by making a difference.

HF 5382.5 .U5 C37 2018  Salem Press Editors. Careers outdoors. 

HF 5382.5 .U5 O33 2018  U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Bureau of Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook 2018.

HF 5382.55 .C37 2017 Salem Press. Careers oversees. 

HF  5382.7 .B64 2020   Bolles, Richard Nelson. What color is your parachute?

HF 5384 .V54 2015   Vigeland, Tess. Leap: leaving a job with no Plan B to find the career and life you really want. 

HF5439.5 .C375 2016 Shally-Jensen, Ph.D. ed., Michael. Careers in sales, insurance & real estate. 

HF 5549.5 .J63 H276 2015  Hannon, Kerry. Love your job: the new rules of career happiness.

HG181.C37 2017 Mars, Laura. Careers in financial services.

HG 8781 .587 2016 Johnson, Anne. Actuary Career. 

HM 742.C37 2018 Salem Press. Careers in social media. 

HV 10.5 .R58 2015  Ritter, Jessica A.  and Halaevalu F. Ofagengaue Vakalahi. 101 careers in social work.  

HV 8143.J6424 2017.  Johnston, Coy H.  Careers in law enforcement.

HV8290 .W66 2017  Davies, ed. Sandi J. Women in the security profession: a practical guide for career development.
HV 9950 .S3533 2017 Schmalleger, Frank and Catherine D. Marcum.   A guide to study skills and careers in criminal justice and public security.

HV 9950.S545 2016  Sheridan, Matthew J. and Raymond R. Rainville. Exploring and understanding careers in criminal justice:a comprehensive guide.

KF 297 .C375 2014  Shally-Jensen, Ph. D., ed. Michael.  Careers in law, criminal justice & emergency services.

LB 1775.2 .C374 2016 Shally-Jensen, Ph. D., ed. Michael.  Careers in Education & Training.

LB1775.2 .C38 2016  Carlson, John S. and Richard L. Carlson.  101 careers in education.

LB2361.5 .G55 2017 Gilhani, Mary E. How to choose your major.

ML 3795.B33 2017 Baskerville, David & Tim Baskerville. Music business handbook and career guide.

NX 163 .C375 2017 Salem Press,  Careers in the Arts: fine, performing & visual. 

P 91.6 .C37 2014  Shally-Jensen, Ph.D., ed., Michael . Careers in Communications & Media. 

P 91.6 .S44 2018 Culver, Sherri Hope. Media career guide: preparing for jobs in the 21st century. 

Q 147 .C375 2015 Shally-Jensen, Ph.D., ed. Careers in Science & Engineering.

QH314 .G685 2015  Gotlieb, Avrum I. Planning a career in biomedical and life sciences: making informed choices.

R 690.C376 2014   Shally-Jensen, Ph.D, Michael  & Marylane Wade Koch eds. Careers in healthcare. 

R 690.H377 2016  Haroun, Lee.  Career development for health professionals: success in school & on the job.  

R 858 .M34 2015   Malec, Brian T. Careers in Health Information Technology.

RA 790.75 .M48 2016  Metz, Kim.  Careers in mental health: opportunities in psychology, counseling, and social work.

RC 1210 .C37 2018  Salem Press. Careers in sports medicine & training. 

S 945 .H86 2016  Hunter, Malcolm L. Jr. Saving the earth as a career: advice on becoming a conservation professional.

SK 355 .B43 2017 Henke, Scott and Paul R. Krausman, eds. Becoming a wildlife professional. 

T 58.5 .C375 2016  Shally-Jensen Ph.D., ed. Michael,  Careers in information technology.

TJ 808.C37 2018 Salem Press. Careers in green energy.

TR 154.J46 2016 Jenkinson, Mark.  Photography careers: finding your true path.  

TX 911.3 .V62 C375 2014  Shally-Jensen Ph.D., ed. Michael, Careers in Hospitality & Tourism. 


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