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Career Development & Job Hunting Resources (Wayne College): Video & Podcasts

Wayne College

Career Exploration Videos (Streamed)

The Films on Demand video streaming service has an extensive collection of career exploration videos. Here are number of categories of career videos you might explore:

Here are some specific videos to check out:

Career Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn while you're driving, working out, cleaning, or other activity that allows you to listen while you work.  The following are some podcasts you might consider as you explore career options or to help you focus your career goals.

Working (from Slate)

Based on the classic work, Working by Studs Turkel, which explored careers by interviewing the actual workers, Slate interviews Americans about their jobs. Episode topics sometimes follow themes and range from "How Does a Realtor Work?" to "How Does an Urban Winemaker Work?"  This podcast gives you insight into what daily work might be like in a large array of jobs.

Pivot with Jenny Blake

From the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, Jenny Blake interviews authors and friends on the process of career soul searching.  There is a lot of advice regarding insecurity, fear, and seeking opportunities in unexpected places.

CareerCloud Radio

Guests include resume writers, career coaches, recruiters and job seekers. Topics include resumes, interviewing, job resources & leveraging social media to job hunt.

Career Relaunch Podcast

Although this podcast focuses on career change, there is a lot here for people who are exploring careers. The host says it all: “Making the effort to pursue meaningful work is absolutely worth it.” –JOSEPH LIU, HOST OF CAREER RELAUNCH

How Did You Get Into That?

This podcast is no longer running, but the archive has a treasure trove of podcasts from Grant Baldwin.  This podcast gives you insight on how to make it with your own business or career goals.  Baldwin uses unique jobs to help you figure out how to be successful in meeting your career goals.

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