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Electronic Reserves Policies for 2019: What's New

In choosing your sources for this coming semester, please consider keeping page count for books within the guidelines for fair use standards – 10% of complete pagination or one chapter of the text. The University Libraries wishes to give equal opportunity to all faculty and departments that want to use our Course Reserves. 

The following stipulations are on a per course section, per semester basis:*

-Each course section (I.E. 6500_800_001_4191) is permitted two articles and/or case studies from Harvard Business Review.

-Each course section is permitted two articles that are not in the University Libraries’ database – this includes those procured through InterLibrary Loan.

-Each course section is permitted selections from two books not in the University Libraries’ print or electronic collections if the page number does not go over fair use standards. This includes items procured through OhioLink.

-To ensure the University is compliant with U.S. copyright law, fair use evaluations will be made for each case. Final decisions will be determined by the Electronic Course Reserves Manager.

*All of these policies are subject to change.

Affordable Alternatives

If you are interested, the University of Akron has an Affordable Learning Initiative. Our goal as educators and librarians is to make required resources more affordable for students and professors alike. Open source textbooks are more prevalent than they have ever been, and they sacrifice no quality. There are many external resources you could check out here