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COMM 105: Introduction to Public Speaking

This guide provides resources to help students prepare speech assignments and/or argumentative papers.

Developing Keywords

This 90-second tutorial produced by the University of Houston offers some great tips on developing keywords, which is key (pun intended) to finding resources in databases and search engines like Google.

Searching with Keywords

Searching Using Keywords

This 2-minute tutorial by the University of Houston Libraries offers some useful tips on how to search databases effectively.

Tip: In order to access the advanced search function in ZipSearch, click on "Searching: ZipSearch" underneath the single search box on the UA Libraries' homepage. This allows you to combine keywords, as shown in the tutorial. Keep in mind, though, that ZipSearch is more of a search engine, like Google, bringing together results from various library databases (not all of them!) and our catalog.

Gather Background Information

Start your research by gathering general information in encyclopedias and general reference works, such as these: