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Low Brass Studio: Browsing Music

Browse the Shelves

Because printed music, books, and CDs are classified - that is, grouped with similar items on the shelf - browsing can be an effective method for finding what you want.

If you're looking for low brass music in a particular medium, these classifications can guide you in the stacks (this is not a complete list):

By Library of Congress Call Number:


Printed Music

M92 Trombone (or bass trombone) music
M97 Tuba music
M110 Euphonium music
M271.B37 Music for baritone or euphonium and piano
M262 Music for trombone and piano
M357.4 Brass trios
M457.4 Brass quartets

Brass quintets


Trombone with orchestra or chamber orchestra

M1034 Tuba with orchestra or chamber orchestra


Literature (books) on Music

ML128.B73 Bibliographies of brass music
ML128.C4 Bibliographies of chamber music
ML128.T76 Bibliographies of trombone music
ML128.T8 Bibliographies of tuba music
ML128.W5 Bibliographies of wind music
ML933 Brass instruments: history
ML965 Trombone: history
ML970 Tuba: history


Music instruction and study

MT418 Brass instruments--Instruction and study

Trombone--Instruction and study

MT480-488 Tuba--Instruction and study
MT496-496.8 Baritone/Euphonium--Instruction and study

Library of Congress Call number system

Most materials in Bierce Library, including all music items, are classified under the Library of Congress call number system.  Point to remember are:

Overall organization is:

  • M = scores,
  • ML = Literature about music (books),
  • MT = music instruction and technology (could be book about conducting or score for methods)

M's are generally:

  •  M2, M3 - Historical sets, Collected works
  • M 6- 175 - Solo music
  • M180 - 299  - Duets
  • M300's - Trios
  • M400's - Quartets
  • M500's - Quintets
  • Up through 900's
  • M1001 - Symphonies
  • M1500 - Operas/musicals - full score
  • M1503 - Operas/musicals - vocal scores
  • M1497-1998 - Secular Vocal Music
  • M199-2199 - Sacred Vocal Music

For a detailed chart see:  Library of Congress Classification - M Outline

For more details see:  Guide to Music Classification from Indiana University


Browse Online by Subject

In the online catalog, the sample SUBJECT searches below will yield books, scores, and recordings for low brass instruments (this is not a complete list). Refine your results by format, choosing to search music scores or audio/music:

In Subject: Baritone and piano music

in Subject: Sonatas (Trumpet)

in Subject: Brass instruments

in Subject: Brass trios

in Subject: Concertos (Tuba)

in Subject: Brass quartets

in Subject: Suites (Trombone)

in Subject: Brass quintets

in Subject: Brass ensembles

in Subject: Euphonium

in Subject: Trombone

in Subject: Tuba

in Subject: Alto horn

in Subject: Baritone (Musical instrument)

in Subject: Bass trombone

If you find a piece you want in the online catalog, go to the Subjects tab and click on the hyperlinks to see other similar works.


Subject Librarian

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David Procházka
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Many thanks to Diane Steinhaus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the permission to adapt her content for this tab.  Her original (and fantastic) LibGuide can be found here: