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The dashboard in ZipSearch allows you to save articles, rerun searches, and organize your research. To use most of the features in the dashboard will require an EBSCO account (that is separate from your university account). You can still view recent articles and searches without the additional login.

Creating an Account

To create an account:

  1. Select Overview on the left-hand side menu.
  2. Select the 'Create account' button.
  3. Enter the needed information and select 'create account'

To use your dashboard in the future you will have to sign in with this EBSCO account.

Create EBSCO Account Screenshot

Bookmarking Articles and Searches

To bookmark an article, select the ribbon on the top right of each search result. Once you save an article, the ribbon will change colors.Bookmarking an article


To see your bookmarked articles go to the dashboard overview and look at the saved section. From the overview, you will also be able to see your recent searches and recently viewed articles, which you can also bookmark. After bookmarking, they will appear in the saved section. Selecting a saved or recent search will run the search with the exact keywords and the same filters.

Overview Dashboard

To remove an article or search from your saved items, select the ribbon again or select the three vertical dots and select the delete option.

Creating a Project

To create a project to organize your saved articles and searches select the 'New Project' button on the dashboard overviewNew Project Button


Then fill out the form to easily remember what class the project is for, the due date, the requirements of the project (the due date and description are optional fields).

Create Project Filled in Dialogue Box


Adding Articles and Searches to a Project

To add articles to a project select the three vertical dots at the top right of a search result and select the 'Add to Project' option.Add to Project Option Example


Then choose what project you want to add the article to.

Adding article to a project


Adding a saved search to a project works very similarly to adding a saved article. In the dashboard overview look at your saved your recent searches, select the three vertical dots, and add to the desired project. Selecting the project will show all of the articles and searches you have add to it.