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APA Style: Citing Web Pages

Web Pages With and Without Author

Color is used in the examples below to help you identify the elements of a citation. You should not format your citations in color. The use of italics below is as required for APA style.

For more information about any particular element (for example, publisher or medium of publication) of the citation samples, refer to the tab in this LibGuide titled Citation Elements. If your question is not answered by the LibGuide, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (see Getting Started tab for a link to the catalog record for the APA Handbook).

APA Formats/Samples: Web Documents

SPECIAL NOTE: The in-text citation for an electronic source may not include page numbers. In such a case, you should provide the section heading, if any, and the paragraph number (yes, you must count them). Example: ("LCCC Police Academy," 2010, Physical Standards section, para. 1).

Find the Title of a Web Page/Document

If you're not sure what the title of a Web page or document is, check the title bar of your browser. In the example below, the title of this Web page is "UA Home: The University of Akron." 

Title Bar