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Learning Studios: Learning Studio 154

Stations 2 & 3

Flat screen monitors.

Station 6

Epson projector and dry erase surface.

Learning Studio 154

This is a multi-media room featuring 6 separate stations and a dry erase surface. The room can be used by a class interested in using multiple technologies. The room can also be used by 6 individual groups, 6 per station. 5 of the 6 stations can be linked together. The PixelSense is a standalone unit.

Station 1: PixelSense touch screen

Stations 2 & 3: Flat screen monitors

Stations 4 & 5: SMART Boards (do not use any types of markers on these surfaces)

Station 6: A projector and a dry erase surface

Bierce Library Room 154

Maximum capacity of this room is 49 persons.

Stations 4 & 5

The Smart Boards require special software that can be obtained from Smart Tech (there is a cost for this software). Laptops checked out from Media Tech Services has this software on them. To avoid the cost, simply check out a laptop. Do not use markers of any kind on the Smart Board surfaces.