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Company and Industry Research

SWOT Analyses

The most effective method of creating a SWOT analysis for a given company is to research multiple databases for specific information on each point of SWOT. Search the company name with keywords the SWOT words success, weakness, opportunity,and  threat. You should also use other possible keywords such as:

competitors, competition, challengers, challenges, problem, scandal, legal, regulation, compliance, restriction, setback, failure,  innovation, trend, new product, unveiling, etc.

Use multiple sources to verify the information you find, and then reflect upon your findings and synthesize the results in your own words. Follow this advice:

  • Create an outline
  • Organize sources according to SWOT
  • Synthesize multiple sources for each category
  • Apply critical thinking to develop your own narrative
  • Do not plagiarize
  • Cite your sources for ideas AND data
  • Cite your sources of graphs, tables, charts

SWOT Analyses for a select number of major companies are available in Business Source Complete, but be sure to cite your source if you use information from these reports!

1) Select the "Company Information" tab on the top blue tab bar

2) Enter the name of the desired company in the search box

3) Search for that company

4) Find the exact company you seek in the results list. Note that the results list will contain subsidiaries. The main or parent company is usually number "1" in the list.

5) Follow the link for that company

6) Find and follow the "SWOT Analyses"  link in the left hand box

7) Note also other useful links to "Industry Profiles", "Country Reports", and "Market Research Reports"