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Music Education - finding resources on children's musical games: Home

How to find resources on Children's Musical Games at Bierce Library

Are there materials on Children's Musical Games at Bierce Library?

Yes!  They are found in two main areas:

  • The regular stacks:  This is the main collection of books in Bierce Library.  Books are organized using the Library of Congress classification system (i.e. ML410. R33 S23).  The regular stacks on the 2nd and 3rd floors (the music area is next to the elevator on the 3rd fl).
  • The Curriculum Center:  This collection is mainly for Education students, and features textbooks, fiction and non-fiction for children, and books about classroom activities.  This area uses the Dewey Decimal system, which is mostly used by school and public libraries (i.e. 398.333 or Fiction C87 R33).  It is on the Ground Floor, to the left of the elevators.   
Can I go look at them?

Yes!  Since "Children's Musical Games" can be represented in books ABOUT children or books FOR children, they are held in two places.  Books about children, or describing their rhymes, songs and other activities are held in the general collection.  On the other hand, books intended to be read by children or for use in the classroom are catalogued in the library's Curriculum Center on the basement level of Bierce:

  • In the regular stacks:
    • GR485-487 - children's folklore
    • GV1743 -  children's games
    • LB 1000-1170 - classroom activities and games 
    • M1990-1998 - secular vocal music for children
    • MT948 - action songs, drill songs, musical games
  • In the Curriculum Center
    • 398.8  - nursery rhymes
    • 784.624 - music for children
    • 793 - finger plays
How do I search for them in the library catalog?

One way is to go to the catalog, select the "subject" tab, and search for one of these:

  • Singing Games
  • Games with music
  • Children's songs
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Alphabet rhymes
  • Counting-out rhymes
  • Jump rope rhymes
  • Finger play

You can always do key word searches.  The subject headings work for both the regulars stacks and the Curriculum Center.

Note about nationality

Libraries organize materials by main subject, not by corresponding geographical area.  Books on Spanish music will be in the music section, books on Spanish art will be in the art section.  So a book of children's songs from Spain would be found in the area of children's songs, not in an area about Spain.  So it would easiest to do a keyword search for "children" and "music" and "spain" than it would to browse all of the areas where Spanish children's games might be located.  Narrower or broader terms such as "Basque" or "Europe" would also work.   

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