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Modern Africa: Finding books

OhioLINK Catalog Search

Finding a book in Bierce Library

This is the place to go to look up books on your topic. Most items will be in Bierce Library, but materials in the Science, Law, and Wayne Campus Libraries are also included, as are materials from the Archives (located in the Polsky Building).

The default search setting is for a Keyword search, which is generally the best way to look for information on a particular topic.

Be careful with the words you choose to type in the search box, and your spelling. More words and terms in the search box will result in fewer but more relevant results.

Also included in this catalog, in addition to lots of books, are e-books, movies and documentary films (both streaming and DVD), and government documents.

See "How To" video tutorial below for more information

Finding a book in OhioLINK

If you need additional books on your topic, of if you don't find the specific book you are looking for, you can search in the OhioLINK catalog.  This catalog includes all of the books in most of the college and university libraries in Ohio. 

If you find one that you'd like to borrow, click "request" and follow the directions. It will be delivered to Bierce (or one of the other location selections) usually within 3-5 business days.

You can search OhioLINK by:

  • doing a search in the UA catalog and clicking "search in OhioLINK" to repeat the search in the OhioLINK catalog
  • searching directly in the OhioLINK catalog through the search box to the left

Video on requesting material from OhioLINK