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Brand Management: 6600 440 and 6600 625: Researching Brands, Market Share, etc.

Researching Brands, Market Share, Positioning, Parity, Intregrity, etc.

The process of researching a brand and its competitors is fairly straightforward once you know where to look. While you can certainly find some information using a search engine such as Google, you will save time and effort by utilizing the databases listed in the various pages of this online guide. These databases are created and produced to provide highly specific quantitative and qualitative research information on companies and industries. This page contains categories of research need and suggested sources for research success. For a quick summary of where to go for specific types of brand information, as well as some research tips for a more successful assignment outcome, use the following PowerPoint guide:

What's in Statista?

Statista contains data from market research reports, trade publications, scholarly journal articles, and government databases categorized into 21 market sectors. Find data and analysis to help you determine market share, market position, product performance, brand equity, SWOT, and more. Data is displayed in highly colorful charts, graphs, and other visuals that can be easily utilized and cited.

What's in Mintel?

Mintel Academic Reports contain  full-text research reports covering global consumer markets with an emphasis on U.S. and European markets. Reports analyze market share, segmentation, trends, and consumer demographics and behaviors.

Mintel Market Sizes is a database of data on global and U.S. industries, including data on market share, market segmentation, industry performance, chief competitors, and socioeconomic factors..

What's in Business Source Complete?

Business Source Complete is the world's largest source of news and research information on business and industry. It also includes some specialized reports, such as SWOT reports and consumer analysis.Use keywords such as a brand name, product category, and the broader relevant industry, paired with terms such as brand equity, brand parity, market share, market position, resonance, trends, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, threats, SWOT, innovation, growth, consumers, retrieve research articles and reports to fill your information need.

What's in IBIS World?

IBIS World is a good place to begin for basic industry/product information. You will search by industry to locate research reports containing key statistics,  products and markets, industry outlook, performance, competitive landscape, market characteristics, market share, operating conditions, life cycle analysis, barriers to entry, and more. Includes numerous graphs, charts, and other visuals that can be easily downloaded and cited.


What's in Mergent Intellect (First Research and Hoover's)?