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Comment and Notes

Categories of Comments

Comment- Examines one aspect of the law. 

1. "case cruncher" - analysis of case law in a confused, conflicting, or transitional area of law or where the doctrine is old and needs to be changed; author offers a solution.

2. law reform - legal rule or institution is not incoherent but has bad consequences: author shows how to change the rule to avoid the problems.

3. legislative note - analysis of proposed or recently enacted legislation.

4. interdisciplinary article - author shows how insights from another field can enable the law to deal better with recurring problems.

5. theory-fitting article - examines developments in an area of law that give rise to a new legal theory or tort.

6. comparative law articles - other legal systems may treat a problem more effectively or more humanely than does others

More advance...

7. bookish, learned dialogues - continuations of a preexisting debate

8. legal history - origins and development of a legal rule or institution sheds lights on its current operation or shortcomings

9. legal profession, legal language, legal argument, or legal education

10. empirical research article


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