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Audiology Research Guide

This guide highlights audiology related resources and services for the UA community.

Ways to Find Similar and Recent Articles

If you found a highly relevant article, these are two ways to expand your search using the Web of Science database:

  • Find if the relevant article is indexed on Web of Science, PubMed@UA, or in Google Scholar. Then, examine the record for articles that cite the relevant article (that is, click on the "Times Cited" articles on Web of Science or look for the "Cited By" articles on the PubMed record). 
    This citing reference searching technique is a quick and efficient way to find potential articles that might be related to your topic and are current. 

  • Look at the references (e.g. "Cited References" or the bibliography of the article) in your relevant article as these articles may be related in some aspect.

Search Multidisciplinary Databases

For Unique and Timely Topics, Search for Dissertations/Theses

For a comprehensive/exhaustive literature review:
See what has been done recently--find and review dissertations or theses on your topic to get ideas for future research.

TIP: when reviewing these works, read the bibliography, literature review, style, methodology, or surveys (often includes full-text of instruments/questionnaires). CAVEAT: Dissertations are not considered peer-reviewed.