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Flute Studio: Browsing Music

Browse the Shelves

Because printed music, books, and CDs are classified - that is, grouped with similar items on the shelf - browsing can be an effective method for finding what you want.

If you're looking for flute music in a particular medium, these classifications can guide you in the stacks (this is not a complete list):

By Library of Congress Call Number:

M Printed Music




Solo flute music

Solo piccolo music

Flute and piano music

M271.P45  Piccolo and piano music
M288-M289 Wind duets
M357.2 Woodwind trios
M457.2 Woodwind quartets


M1020- M1021

Woodwind quintets

Flute with orchestra or chamber orchestra

M1120- M1121 Flute with string orchestra


Literature (books) on Music

ML935 - ML937

Flute history and construction

MT Music instruction and study

MT340 -


Flute instruction and study


Library of Congress Call number system

Most materials in Bierce Library, including all music items, are classified under the Library of Congress call number system.  Points to remember are:

Overall organization is:

  • M = scores,
  • ML = Literature about music (books),
  • MT = music instruction and technology (could be book about conducting or score for methods)

M's are generally:

  • M2, M3 - Historical sets, Collected works
  • M 6- 175 - Solo music
  • M180 - 299  - Duets
  • M300's - Trios
  • M400's - Quartets
  • M500's - Quintets
  • Up through 900's
  • M1000 - Orchestral Music
  • M1500 - Operas/musicals - full score
  • M1503 - Operas/musicals - vocal scores
  • M1497-1998 - Secular Vocal Music
  • M1999-2199 - Sacred Vocal Music


Browsing Online by Subject

In the online catalog the SUBJECT searches below will help you find scores, recordings, and books for flute & piccolo.

Flute music  [for this search, scrolling down will show headings such as ‘Flute music (Flutes (2))’ for duets; it also gives see-references to things like ‘Flute music (Flutes (3))’ see ‘Woodwind trios (Flutes (3))’]


  • Alto flute
  • Contrabass flute
  • Piccolo
  • Flute and…
  • Flute with…
  • Sonatas flute
  • Concertos flute
  • Flute orchestral excerpts
  • Flute studies and exercises
  • Flute methods
  • Flute instruction and study
  • Flute players
  • Wind quintets
  • Flute choir  [this is multiple players to a part]
  • Flute ensembles  [this is only one player to a part]

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