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Information Literacy Modules

View the full Information Literacy Modules guide for more information.

It is recommended that you complete the following modules to ensure you have the basic information literacy skills to be successful on this project:

Module 1: Using Databases for Research: This module lays the foundation for performing academic library research by defining what databases are, explaining why we use databases over other search tools, and providing examples of databases we use every day and those we might use for academic research. There are no prerequisite modules to complete prior to this one.

Module 2: The Research Plan: Developing Research Questions: This module will discuss the earliest stages of a research plan: developing research questions using brainstorming and mind mapping techniques.  Prerequisite: Module 1

Module 3: The Research Plan: Developing Online Search Strategies: This module focuses on basic approaches to developing effective online search strategies including searching with Boolean operators and truncation. Prerequisites: Module 1, Module 2

Module 11: Internet: The Nuts and Bolts: This module explores web domains, page depth, how search engines work compared to research databases, and which materials exist in the "Invisible Web" in order to lay the foundation for effective web searching for academic sources. Prerequisite: Module 1.

Module 12: Internet: Advanced Search Strategies: Building on the skills discussed in Module 11, this module focuses on advanced Internet searching, highlighting Google strategies, shortcuts, and special features to aid in locating appropriate academic materials.  Prerequisites: Module 1, Module 11.

The modules are available as online tutorials in the library's Springboard classroom.  You must be a currently enrolled student at Wayne College to access the library's online classroom.  Contact Maureen if you do not have access to the current semester's library classroom.  Connect to Springboard.

Internet Search Tips

Spend time brainstorming and concept mapping:

  • Think of alternate key words and phrases
  • Think of connections to your topic and various subtopics so they can be combined in various ways while searching
  • Lay out a map for your search, and be flexible

Searching the Internet for government information:

  • Search for the organization you believe has the information you need first, then search that site.
  • Limit your search results by domain: .gov or .org

Databases to Try

Citing Your Sources

Helpful guides to citation styles:

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