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Introduction to Social Welfare (Wayne): Research Paper: Directory Programs and Services

The University of Akron Wayne College Library

Gale Directory Library

Access the Gale Directory Library database to locate local, state, and national organizations and associations:

  • The database includes these directories:
    • The Encyclopedia of Associations (Local / Regional, National, and International editions)
    • National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Go to the "Advanced Search"
  • Select the directories you would like to search. Use the Ctrl (control) key to select more than one database.
  • Perform a keyword search strategy using Boolean operators, truncation, and fields.

Searching Online for Directory-Type Materials


Basic Google Search Strategies
  • Phrase searching:
    • A phrase is more than one word, not too many to expect reasonable matches:
    • Enclose your phrase terms in quotes:
    • "adoption agencies"
    • "domestic violence"
  • Building a search strategy with operators
    • AND: is assumed between each word not enclosed in quotes
    • OR: allows for synonyms
      • programs OR services
      • agencies OR organizations
    • NOT: excludes results containing specific words. Use a minus sign in Google:
      • "adoption agencies" -dogs
    • Parentheses: Anytime you use multiple operators, group your terms:
      • (programs OR services) AND ("domestic violence" OR rape)
Google's Advanced Search Options:
  • All these words: Performs an AND search for all words entered
  • This exact wording or phrase: Performs a phrase search
  • One or more of these words: Performs an OR search
  • Limiting results:
    • Searching within a domain: Helpful when trying to locate agencies and organizations
      • .org
      • .gov
      • .edu
  • Date, usage, rights, etc.
  • File type:
    • .pdf
    • .doc
  • Customize your search settings:
    • Location
    • Search "Nearby"
  • Helpful Google shortcuts:
  • Site:
  • Inurl:
  • Intitle:


Try the following online directories:

Print Directories in Wayne College Library's Collection

The following books are available in the Wayne College Library collection. Most are non-circulating books (cannot be checked out) and many of the books include directory information. Click on the call number to be view the item's library catalog record:
F 192.3 .W33 2016/17 Washington Information Directory
GV 9992 .U52 S66 2014 Sports Market Place Directory
HC 110 .P6 N393 2014 New faces of American Poverty: a reference guide to the great recession
HQ 766.5 .U5 F3455 2001 Family Planning Sourcebook
HQ 1073 .C374 2005 Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
HV 875.55 .A28 2007 Encyclopedia of Adoption
HV 1457 .O42 2014-2015 Older Americans Information Directory
HV 1461 .K34 2009 Encyclopedia of Elder Care
HV 1553 .C58 2011 The Complete Directory for People with Disabilities
HV 1553 .D544 2011 Disabilities Sourcebook
HV 5017 .O37 1999 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs
HV 5801 .D724 2016 Drug Abuse Sourcebook
HV 6545 .E87 2003 The Encyclopedia of Suicide
HV 6556 .S447 2013 Sexual violence and abuse : an encyclopedia of prevention, impacts, and recovery
HV 6626.2 .D685 2012 Domestic Violence Sourcebook
HV 6626.5 .C57 2007 Encyclopedia of Child Abuse
HV 6626.52 C557 2016 Child Abuse Sourcebook
LB 2338 .S55 2010 Financial aid for veterans, military personnel, and their families, 2010-2012
LC 4704.5 .T86 2006 The Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities
R 726.8 .D3785 2017 Death and Dying Sourcebook
RA 776.5 .M457 2013 Men’s Health Concerns Sourcebook
RB 155.5 .G455 2013 Genetic Disorders Sourcebook
RC 200.1 .S525 2004 Encyclopedia of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
RC 262 .T86 2005 Encyclopedia of Cancer
RC 437 .G36 2012 Gale encyclopedia of mental health
RC 437 .K34 2008 Encyclopedia of Mental Health
RC 427 .M46 2013 Mental health care issues in America : an encyclopedia
RC 454.4 .M458 2012 Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook
RC 514 .N63 2007 Encyclopedia of Schizophrenia & Other Psychotic Disorders
RC 523 .T87 2010 Encyclopedia of Alzheimer’s Disease
RC 537 .R63 2001 Encyclopedia of Depression
RC 552 .E18 E287 2016 Eating Disorders Sourcebook
RC 564.65 .A33 2013 Addictions & substance abuse
RC 606.6 .W385 2012 The Encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS
RC 672 .C35 2016 Cardiovascular Disorders Sourcebook
RD 97 .S736 2012 Sports Injuries Sourcebook
RJ 29 .C677 2010 The Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders
RJ 45 .T9465 2004 The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health and Wellness

Abnormal psychology across the ages
Alcoholism Sourcebook
Brain Disorders Sourcebook
Cancer Sourcebook
Encyclopedia of Deafness & Hearing Disorders 
Encyclopedia of domestic violence and abuse
Pain Sourcebook
Surviving sexual violence : a guide to recovery and empowerment
Understanding psychosis : issues and challenges for sufferers, families, and friends