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International Business Transactions

Course Description

This course provides a general overview of international business transactions involving private entities operating in a global setting. The course introduces students to a range of international business transactions—from international sale of goods and financing international transactions to trademark, patent and knowhow licensing. We will also study the legal framework for international trade and investing abroad, including the WTO regime, free trade agreements (U.S. FTAs, USMCA,), bilateral investment agreements (BITs), and legal aspects of doing business in the European Union. In addition, we will cover international dispute resolution— international litigation, international commercial arbitration, and investor-State arbitration. In doing so, we will discuss (1) what distinguishes international business transactions from purely domestic ones, (2) why countries enter into trade and investment agreements and adopt domestic laws affecting cross-border transactions, and (3) what is the role of a lawyer in international business and dispute resolution. 


 Moscow International Business Center, "Moscow City" - Photo by Kirill Vinokurov

[Photo on left] Moscow International Business Center, "Moscow City" - Photo by Kirill Vinokurov
[Photo on right] One World Trade Center, New York City