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International Business: 6800 205: Global Diversity

The Importance of Understanding Global Diversity

We live in a global society composed of many different peoples and cultures. Each nation has its own history, social and political structure, religions, traditions, and world view. Maintaining an openness to the differences between the current cultural contexts of another nation and one's own will facilitate a deeper understanding of that nation's people. This deeper understanding between peoples from differing backgrounds provides a basis for effective business relationships that further the mutually beneficial outcomes of global commerce in general.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Analyze the historical, social, political, and cultural contexts that have defined dimensions of diversity within nations or and/or across the globe
  • Apply knowledge of diverse perspectives to analyze, interpret, solve problems, or inform decisions
  • Analyze the impact of diversity on a global issue
  • Analyze the interconnectedness of global histories, international governance, shifting geographies, and/or social policies

Databases Relevant to the Study of Human Diversity