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Information Systems Management: Data and Statistics

This is a guide to the library resources in support of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in information systems offered by the Department of Management the College of Business Administration.

Data-Planet and Statista

Selected Data-Planet Guides

Guides to Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets provides access to data from licensed and public domain datasets. Scan the contents of the collection, select subjects and variables of interest, and view your data in customizable tables and charts. The Data-Planet repository contains data from 4.3 billion datasets sourced from more than 70 source organizations.  

The Quick Reference Guide is intended as a brief introduction to the Data-Planet Statistical Datasets interface, and a few tips and tricks on navigation and interaction. For a more detailed overview of the platform, please visit the Data-Planet Statistical Datasets guide.

Selected Guides:

Data-Planet Video Tutorials

Other Soures of Data and Statistics