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Wayne College Library FAQs: Information Literacy

Information Literacy at Wayne College FAQs

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning. (ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, 2/2/15)

How does the library support the college's information literacy initiatives?

The library offers a menu of online information literacy modules, assignment-specific library instruction, and information literacy workshops by request.  The library staff work closely with faculty to deliver instruction that supports core information literacy skills.

What information literacy modules are offered by the library?
Each semester the library provides all students and faculty associated with any Wayne College course access to an online classroom in Brightspace that includes a variety of online modules.  These modules are assigned in specific courses.  Specific module descriptions are provided to faculty and students at the start of each semester and can be viewed online in the classroom.  The module topics range from choosing an appropriate topic, developing online search strategies, distinguishing among formats, and how to search a variety of sources, including library databases and sources on the free Internet.

How do I log into the Library's Brightspace Classroom?
Go to Brightspace and log in with your UAnet ID and password.  Once you're in Brightspace, select the link for the current semester's  "Wayne College Library Services" in your list of ongoing courses.   (You may need to click on the link for "Ongoing" classrooms, then "No Department" to reveal the classroom's link.)

I don't have a link to the Wayne College Library Services classroom in Brightspace.  How do I get access to the classroom?
Only students enrolled in Wayne College courses are enrolled in the "Wayne College Library Services" Brightspace classroom at the start of each semester.  If you do not have access to this classroom and need it, please contact Maureen Lerch

Am I required to take these modules?
Required modules vary by course and instructor.  At the beginning of each semester check your course syllabus to see which, if any, library modules are required and any corresponding deadlines.

How do I prove that I completed the modules?
Provide your course instructor a copy of your quiz grades summary (available under "grades" in the library's Brightspace classroom). Most instructors require a 100% on the module quizzes.  Students will have access to their quiz scores going back at least two previous academic years.  Be sure to check with your instructors to determine if they will accept older quiz scores.

What do I do if I do not pass a quiz?
Students are allowed multiple submission attempts for each quiz.  Prior to completing another attempt be sure to do the following things: Review your completed quiz attempt and all provided feedback, review the appropriate module's content and the notes you took on your handout, and ask the library staff for help if needed. (View this YouTube video with instructions on how to view your feedback). Your final score will be your highest attempt.

How do I see which questions I missed and view feedback??
Follow these steps or view the video demonstration:

  • Go to "Quizzes" on the green bar

  • Next to the quiz you want to review, select the drop down menu next to the quiz name (the little triangle)

  • Select "Submissions" from the drop down menu

  • Select the attempt you want to view

  • Each question that lost points will be listed with the answer you provided

  • Below the question is a link to "View Feedback"

  • The feedback will provide advice on which segment to review, and in some cases for short answer questions, specific advice on how you can improve your answer

Why are there deadlines to complete the quizzes?
Quiz attempts must be completed by the deadlines set by individual course instructors. Quizzes will not be available after the last week of classes in the semester, although grades from completed tests will still be able to be retrieved.

What do I do if I've taken the modules during a previous semester?

  • Check with your course instructor to see if he or she requires current semester scores.  If they do, you will need to complete the current semester quizzes.  You'll need to start with the pretest, review the content (engaging with every segment), and take the current quiz.
  • If older grades are acceptable to your course instructor, locate the previous semester's library classroom in Brightspace, locate the "Grades" link, and print the scores.
  • You will NOT be able to complete or retake any quizzes in older semester classrooms.  They have expired.
  • If you need to "fill in" modules you didn't take previously or need a better score this semester you will need to complete those quizzes in the current classroom.  Go to the current classroom, complete the pretest, and complete the modules you need to take or repeat.

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