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Instruction Services: Our Mission

Our Mission

University Libraries’ Information Literacy (IL) program supports the institutional mission and goals of The University of Akron by fostering learners’ reflective discovery of information; developing their knowledge about the production and value of information; expanding their skills to create new knowledge; and use information ethically in their professional, academic, and personal communities.

Information literacy is our specialty! To find out more about it, and how we support students and faculty to hone their information literacy skills, explore this guide and talk to your subject librarian.

We want everyone in The University of Akron community to be able to:

  • navigate the complexity of today's information environment by identifying the processes through which information is produced, organized, disseminated and consumed
  • engage in strategic exploration and inquiry of a specific research problem
  • utilize effective search strategies to select relevant information from available resources
  • evaluate information critically
  • use information effectively for specific purposes
  • practice ethical uses of information by demonstrating awareness of the legal, political and economic structure of the information marketplace