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International Business Transactions

Contents of this Page

  1. Letter of credit (L/C).  Both “revocable” and “irrevocable,” as well as “confirmed” L/C.
  2. Bill of lading (B/L)
  3. Sight draft
  4. Invoice (pro forma invoice, commercial invoice)
  5. Purchase order
  6. Certificate of origin
  7. Export information form
  8. Insurance certificate
  9. International Contracts for Sale of Goods, Services, Distribution, Franchising, Licensing, and Carriage of Goods.


Also see databases of International business forms to search within Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg.

Letter of Credit

Particular to an International Business Contract

Not particular to international transactions  - for domestic U.S. transactions

Bill of Lading

Sight Draft


Purchase Order

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Insurance

Electronic Export Information Form

fka Shipper's Export Declaration

International business contracts


Distribution and Manufacturer's Representative




Carriage of Goods