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Background Information

Locate Background Information to get a general overview of a topic


Ohiolink E-Book References

  • Find full text  encyclopedias and dictionaries by  selecting the Scholarly & Reference E-Book Collection in the Ohiolink Electronic Book Center.
  • Add the keywords "encyclopedias: or "dictionaries" or "reference" along with the boolean operator AND and your main topic.
  • For Example:
    • encyclopedia and Rome
    • Make sure to use the limiters on the left side bar

Why use Encyclopedias?

Encyclopedias are good at providing succinct coverage of larger topics. They are ideal for gleaning a "bigger picture" surrounding the issues you wish to research.

When you are searching for Encyclopedias in the University of Akron Catalog:

Add the word "encyclopedias" to your keyword search or
Search by the subject field by entering the terms Encyclopedias and dictionaries