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English Composition 112 (Wayne College): Evaluation Workshop: Evaluation Workshop Activities

Activity: Examining Popular and Scholarly Publications

In your group, examine the provided sample periodicals.  You should each have a sample of a popular magazine and a sample scholarly journal.  

Complete the "Comparing Popular and Scholarly Periodicals" worksheet, reflecting how your samples differ among the listed categories.

As a group discuss how using scholarly materials address the need for locating accurate and reliable information.

Activity: Looking at Audience to Determine Purpose

Each group will be provided sample issues of a popular magazine.  As a group complete the "Getting to the Core of A Popular Magazine: Looking at Audience to Determine Purpose and Potential Bias."

Report back to the class:

Who is the intended audience for this publication?

What potential research paper topics may be presented in a biased way in this publication?

Activity: Sample Magazine Covers

Let's examine a few sample magazine covers and look for visual clues for bias:

Ms. Magazine

Christianity Today

New American

Activity: Evaluate Some Sources

The librarian will divide the class into teams.  Each of the teams will be assigned sources to evaluate using the criteria in this guide. The entire class will be using the same research question listed below.

Each team will have difference sources provided by the librarian. Pretend that these sources were discovered after performing a thorough online search using recommended library research databases and search engines.

Your team will decide which team members will address each of the evaluation criteria by distributing the team's index cards.  Team members will refer to the appropriate tabs in this guide that correspond to their assigned criteria, and write notes on the card.

Once the team has evaluated their assigned source using the criteria, they will come to consensus on whether or not this source should be considered for this research question:

Research Question: Would allowing guns on campus make college safer?

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