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The Kaleidoscope Collection


Introducing the Kaleidoscope Collection: Uniting Through Diversity and Pride!

Explore a world where diversity thrives and pride knows no boundaries at the Office of Multicultural Development’s new library, “The Kaleidoscope Collection.” It’s not just a library; it’s a celebration of unique voices, a kaleidoscope of colors, and a tapestry of inspiring stories. Embark on a journey through triumphs, cultures, and identities with our curated collection of 84 books, fostering understanding and igniting change.
From resilient memoirs to tales honoring diverse backgrounds, our library invites you to discover the beauty of our interconnected world. Join us in embracing inclusivity through engaging literature. Let your colors shine at the Kaleidoscope Collection, where everyone is celebrated, respected, and united in a shared vision of diversity and pride.

Open a book and open your mind in Simmons Hall, Room 124 

Stop by today to expand your horizons one page at a time!