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Accessibility Liaison Communication

To share communication that will be sent to accessibility liaisons from the accessibility committee

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I hope your semester is off to a good start. Here are some updates and reminders the accessibility committee would like to share.


  • The Accessibility Office is Short Staffed - The Accessibility Office will be short-staff at the beginning of the semester. So as you and your students work on getting accommodations setup please be patient if there is a delay, the accessibility office will be working as fast as they can in getting accommodations setup.
  • ReadSpeaker added to Brightspace - ReadSpeaker is a text to speech software that will integrate with Brightspace and most importantly with Respondus tests in Brightspace. Because Respondus shuts down browsers other text to speech software that open in new windows don’t work for students taking a test. But ReadSpeaker works in the same browser window circumventing this issue. Learn more about ReadSpeaker.

Accommodation Letters

  • To see letters of accommodations for your class login to the STARS Instruction Portal and follow these directions on finding student’s accommodation letters.
  • Faculty are not expected to provide an accommodation until a student has indicated to you that they wish to use it in your class. But some students may be hesitant to reach out, it can be beneficial to both students and faculty, if faculty reach out to them to discuss their accommodation.

Common Accommodations

Here are some of the most common accommodations with links to more information about each to the accessibility office website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Office for more information:

Accessibility Committee

Faculty: Click on either of the icons below to access the Office of Accessibility's Instructor Portal and user guides, your convenient hub for accommodation management!

Link to STARS Instructor portal login for accessibility accommodations.Link to How-to guides on using the STARS instructor portal.

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