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Accessibility Liaison Communication

To share communication that will be sent to accessibility liaisons from the accessibility committee


  • Introduction of liaison communication
  • Call for Liaisons to let the committee know what information would be most helpful to have

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Welcome to the Fall 2023 semester accessibility liaisons-

As we continue to make plans for the future, we would like to increase communication between the accessibility committee and the faculty and staff in each department. As liaisons, you are the point person that can help create this dialogue. We would like to provide talking points and training for you to share and ask for your help in getting feedback from the frontlines to help us create training and communication based on your needs and the needs of the students.

We have a schedule of emails to send to you throughout the semester that includes information from the Office of Accessibility for typical FAQ’s in the use of technology and relevant accommodations that will provide necessary resources for faculty. Here is a preview of the information and the schedule of the emails.

We want to thank you for your continued support and ask that you provide us with ideas and information from your experiences as well. There will be a survey link included in each communication that allows you to provide information in an easy way. This will guide our future planning and open a dialogue for liaisons to share thoughts. Here is the first survey (less than 5 minutes to complete). We look forward to hearing from you!


Accessibility Committee