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Anthropology & Archaeology Research Guide

Human Relations Area Files (eHRAF )

The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) are a specially organized collection of thousands of full text sources on almost 400 cultures worldwide. HRAF can be useful for anyone looking for background information or specific data on a particular ethnic group, culture or country, as well as by those investigating subjects like architecture, kinship, political structure or settlement patterns on a comparative cross-cultural basis.


Citing eHRAF Sources

When citing a document from eHRAF, please include both the original publication citation (if applicable) followed by information about where and when you found it. You should also include the date of access for any eHRAF resource to complete your bibliographic reference.

For your convenience, preformatted references that you can copy and paste into your bibliography or save directly to your referencing software are provided directly within the eHRAF database interface. You may also choose to print or email citation information including selected excerpts from documents. For a detailed guide on how this works, see Citing from eHRAF Databases.

If using a source directly from the eHRAF database, follow the guidelines for sources from databases provided by chosen citation style. Please refer to Citing Sources for guidance using a specific citation style.