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Nutrition/Dietetics: Evidence Based Practice

This guide highlights nutrition/dietetics and related resources and services for the UA community.

PubMed: Strategies to Limiting to Evidence-Based Practice Resources

PubMed -- Clinical Queries
This search filter provides citations to the evidence-based literature in the following five areas:

  • Therapy - information addressing the treatment of disease 
  • Etiology - information addressing causation/harm of disease
  • Diagnosis - information addressing disease diagnosis
  • Prognosis - information addressing disease prognosis
  • Clinical prediction guidelines - data addressing the likelihood of disease presence or absence

PubMed -- Systematic Reviews
This search filter provides citations to the highest levels of evidence including: 

  • Systematic reviews
  • Meta-analyses
  • Reviews of clinical trials.

PubMed -- Focused Topic Searches
This is a directory of pre-built concentrated searches on a variety of different topics.

A Systematic Reviews is ....

 A Systematic Review (SR) is "a literature review focused on a specific research question, which uses explicit methods to minimize bias in the identification, appraisal, selection, and synthesis of all the high-quality evidence pertinent to the question." Source: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

Note: "Statistical methods to synthesize the results of the included studies (meta-analysis) may or may not be used in the process." (EFSA, 2015). In other words, not all systematic reviews have meta-analysis. Systematic reviews are not all created equal.

A Systematic Review includes

  • A clearly stated set of objectives
  • An explicit, reproducible methodology
  • A systematic search
  • An assessment of the validity of the included studies
  • A systematic presentation of the results