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Biology: Citation & References

This guide provides an overview of UA Libraries' resources and services for biology and related sub-fields.

Citing in the Biological Sciences

Biology doesn't have a standardized citation style.  Nonetheless, the Council of Science Editors (CSE) citation style is often used by researches in subfields within biology. CSE (formerly known as the Council of Biology Editors or CBE) will be described below.

Official CSE Style Manual

Citing Articles in CSE Style

CSE Style Example - Book Chapter

Example of a Book Chapter by Same Authors in Year-Name Sequence:

Willey, JM, Sherwood, L, Woolverton, CJ, Prescott, LM. 2017. Prescott's microbiology. 10th ed. New York (NY): Mcgraw-Hill Education. Chapter 11, Catabolism: energy release and conservation; 227-250.

Do I need Copyright Clearance?

Probably not unless you plan on publishing your work publically (thesis or dissertation, journal article, etc). If you want to reuse images/figures from another author in your published work use the Copyright Clearance Center to find permission rules for various publishers.

You can also email the librarian for more help.

Citation Management Systems

Citation managers allow you to save your references and drop them into papers or bibliographies in the format of your choice.