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NUTR 228 Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy

Instructor: Dawn Z. Scott, Fall Semester 2016

Suggestions for Improving Your Search Results

Research Plan

Start your search with these databases:

  3. Academic Search Complete

A few searching tactics


  • Combine terms using the operator AND.  Most databases include operators in the search boxes.
  • Use quotation marks when searching for phrases (e.g. "diet therapy")


  • To narrow your search results to primary research articles, mark these boxes: "Research Article" and "Peer Reviewed"  Note: these limiter options are available in CINAHL database.
  • Click on the Search button to run the search.



If you need to refine search results further, consider these options:

  • Field searching: Try limiting the term(s) by title and/or abstract. For example, go a search box and change the "Select a Field..." to TI Title
  • On the Results page, go to to the left-hand column and add more limiters (e.g. age, gender).  See some options below. Limiters will vary for each search.

STEP 4: If there were few or no relevant search results (after STEPS 1-4 above), try searching multiple databases simultaneously.  To search several databases in tandem, go to any EBSCOhost database (e.g. CINAHL) and click on the "Choose Databases" link located at the top of the search box.  Questions? Please ask Marilia ( or another UA librarian for assistance.