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Advanced Practice with Small Systems: 7750:607: Getting Started

Instructors: Dr. Jill Dickie and Michelle Kreidler, Fall Semester 2019

Want to Access Electronic Resources Off-Campus?

Be sure to use the UA Libraries Catalog or Web site to use the proxy server. Go to a definition of a proxy server. opens new window You will be prompted for your UANet ID and password from The University of Akron Login screen. Most of the time you will be prompted one time per browser session.

If you go to the URL of the resource directly, you will bypass the proxy server.

Some resources like SciFinder will require another user id and password, but most don't. Often when you are prompted by anything besides The University of Akron Login screen, either

  • you did not go through or were somehow dropped by the proxy server or
  • we do not have access to the particular item, such as an article from a year of a journal that is not part of our subscription. Check the Publication Finder to verify dates that we subscribe.

A Systematic Reviews is ....

 A Systematic Review (SR) is "a literature review focused on a specific research question, which uses explicit methods to minimize bias in the identification, appraisal, selection, and synthesis of all the high-quality evidence pertinent to the question." Source: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

Note: "Statistical methods to synthesize the results of the included studies (meta-analysis) may or may not be used in the process." (EFSA, 2015). In other words, not all systematic reviews have meta-analysis. Systematic reviews are not all created equal.

A Systematic Review includes

  • A clearly stated set of objectives
  • An explicit, reproducible methodology
  • A systematic search
  • An assessment of the validity of the included studies
  • A systematic presentation of the results 


Levels of Evidence in the Literature

Pyramid of Evidence-Based Practice used in classifying levels of literature. Highest levels help in identifying the most effective interventions/treatment when answering research questions.


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