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Human Cultures ANTH 101 and Human Diversity ANTH:251

About this Guide

This guide contains links to specialized information resources needed for completing assignments, papers, and projects in the Human Cultures and Human Diversity courses. Most of these specialized resources are subscription databases provided by the University Libraries and OhioLINK, and require a UAnet ID and password to access them. They contain a vast amount of information that cannot be retrieved using a search engine. Use these resources for a successful outcome in these courses!

Human Culture and Diversity

Humans and their cultures vary considerably according to where they appear on the globe and in what epoch they developed. While there are notable difference in cultures there are also many similarities. Knowleddge of the difference and similarities among the many cultures of humanity is essential to our understanding one another, groups, societies, and the nations of the world.


Humans themselves are as diverse as their cultures. For instance, we vary physically in height, frame size, skin color, hair type, nose shape, cranio-facial structures, sex and gender, distribution of fat, and so on.  Are visible physical differences tied to other differences among people? Why do some types of difference take on significant meaning in some societies while others are meaningless? Knowledge of our human diversity is a critical element in our ability to understand ourselves and others.