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LibCal Outlook Integration

This guide will describe how to integrate your outlook calendar with LibCal allowing you to create an way to schedule appointments through your profile in any Lib-Application.

Overview of Integration

The first step is to ensure you have a LibCal Account.

If LibCal is not listed in your Applications list, please contact Joshua Grove, Web Development Specialist, at to get access.

Once you have access you will need to go through the following steps:

  1.  Integrate your LibCal Account with your UANET Outlook Account
  2.  Set your Availability
  3.  Modify your Personal Settings for managing appointments
  4.  Create a Button to be used on your Lib Applications Profile
  5.  Collect Statistics about your scheduled appointments

LibCal Outlook Integration

Users of the LibApps Suite of applications can now integrate their University of Akron Outlook calendars with LibCal allowing them to create a seamless method for patrons and community members to schedule appointments with them.  If you are a user of LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, LibStaffer, LibWizard, or LibInsight, you can create a button on your profile box or page that will allow for scheduled appointments on your Outlook calendar.  This does not allow the person scheduling the appointment to see your Outlook calendar, but will allow for them to see available times that you define. You will also be able to review statistics of the of appointments created. This is a great tool especially for Research Librarians to track your consultations.

If you do not have a LibCal account, contact Joshua Grove, Web Development Specialist, at to assist you.


To login to LibApps use this link: