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CHEE 360: Chemical Engineering Lab - Literature Search

Faculty: Dr. Evans. Help with the literature search activity in Chemistry Engineering Lab.

General Note

This guide focuses on inexpensive or free resources for this assignment. This way, you should be able to use the skills you develop regardless of where you go in your career.

Guide to the Assignment

This guide is designed to help you with Dr. Edward Evans literature search assignment.

For this assignment you have four main Activities:

  1. Activity 1 – Identify a Chemical Engineering advancement from the last two years that is of interest to you and for which you can find a variety of resources including patents, journal publications, and news releases. Find one paper or patent that will allow you to complete the second activity. Submit a type written description of the advancement, a preliminary list of resources, and the paper or patent you plan to use for the second activity.
  2. Activity 2 – Thoroughly dissect a paper or patent that describes the Chemical Engineering advancement you chose in Activity 1. Provide a definition for all chemical engineering vocabulary, evaluate the figures presented (what is their purpose and is that purpose achieved), check equations used, and review the references listed for the paper or patent. Submit a type written summary.
  3. Activity 3 – Put your chemical engineering advancement in context of a similar or related advance. Compare the advances based on multiple design criteria (function, safety, cost, marketability, regulatory issues, legal issues, etc.). Submit a type written summary.
  4. Activity 4 – Prepare and give a presentation on the chemical engineering advancement.

Resources are grouped in pages by activity.