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Chemistry: Chemistry Links

Guide for Chemistry resources at University of Akron

UA Chemistry Links

ACS Publications

Finding Articles

If you need to find articles on a TOPIC or SUBJECT, use one of our databases. Databases collect article references from many sources so you can search broadly.

If you have a reference and you want to FIND AN EXACT ARTICLE, use the A-to-Z journal list. Search for the journal title and follow the links to the full text.

Alternately, you can use Google Scholar, which is pretty good at locating EXACT article titles.

Chemistry Around the Web

These are some useful links to Chemisitry resources around the web.

Get ChemDraw

Use the html link below to get to the software download site and follow the directions at the bottom of the page to download ChemDraw. This can be an involved process, please read instructions carefully.

If this doesn't work, navigate to "My Akron", sign in, go to "Technology Support" and click on the "Software Downloads" link there.

Chemical Saftey

Links to help keep you safe and deal with chemical waste. Hazard Diamond

Experimenting with Danger

(Not required for Tools class library assignment.) Somewhat long documentary from the United States Chemical Safety Board detailing three serious (some fatal) accidents in academic research environments.