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Tools for Chemical Engineers 4200:101 - Library Assignment: Part 1: Library Website

Self-paced Library Tutorials in Brighspace

First, take Library 101.

Library 101 opens in new window is a library orientation. You will find out what services are available through the library and it will teach you how to do some basic functions. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

Video Tour of the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Library Guide (video, 3:14 min.)

This is a video tour of the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering library guide for the Tools for Chemical Engineering course. The transcript is available on YouTube for the video.

Note: Select 720p from settings button if possible.

Is the video not visible? Check your browser compatibility. opens new window If the browser is compatible, try the video, Video Tour of the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Library Guide, opens new window on YouTube.

How do I Find a Specific Article?

Do you know where the Article is (what journal, conference, volume, pages, etc)? Use the UA Libraries Catalog. opens new window

Need a Specific Article that Can't be Downloaded and is not in our Library? Try

How do I find Books?

If you are searching for a specific book, try the catalogs in this list. If you don't find it from one catalog, try the next catalog in the list.

  1. UA Libraries Catalog
  2. OhioLINK Catalog (button in UA Libraries Catalog)
  3. Search Ohio Catalog (button in OhioLINK Catalog)
  4. Interlibrary loan

Sometimes it is convenient to search electronic books directly particularly when looking for quick facts or code syntax. Refer to the electronic book sources in this section or the previous section, Databases to Find Aritcles, Books and More. Use the descriptions to find the databases that contain electronic books that are most closely related to your topic. Keep in mind that not all books will be available for download. It depends on the database and the library's subscriptions.

Very Useful Links