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Tools for Chemical Engineers 4200:101 - Library Assignment: Lesson Home

Very Useful Links

Week 4 - Library Resources

This week your lab will be a flipped classroom. This means most of the lecture portion is located in this guide. The material here is meant to prepare you for the assignment you will receive in class. This material will not be covered in class.

In class, you will be given this week's lab and you can begin work. There will be multiple librarians there to help explain things if you have questions.

Total time of the tutorial videos is under 20 minutes.

Before class you are expected to complete the following:

Part 1: Watch both videos

Part 2: Watch the video

Part 3: Watch the video

Part 4: If you feel unsure about plagiarism, consult one of the self-guided tutorials.

Part 5: Familiarize yourself with the NFPA Safety Diamond (

Contact me if you have any problems.


Finding Books

Use the library catalog to find books at The University of Akron. If our library doesn't have a title, click on the "OhioLink" button. Ohiolink search button image

If there is a copy in OhioLink, have it sent to Akron by clicking the green "Request" button.  Request Item Button

If the book is not at Akron or in OhioLink, try Interlibrary Loan.

Finding Articles

If you need to find articles on a TOPIC or SUBJECT, use one of our databases. Databases collect article references from many sources so you can search broadly.

If you have a reference and you want to FIND AN EXACT ARTICLE, use the A-to-Z journal list. Search for the journal title and follow the links to the full text.

Alternately, you can use Google Scholar, which is pretty good at locating EXACT article titles.

Subject Librarian

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Tammy Stitz
S&T Library, Rm. 135