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Tools for Chemical Engineers 4200:101 - Library Assignment: Lesson Home

Week 4 - Library Resources

Before class, you must:

Complete Part 1. This includes reading all information and watching the video

Complete Part 2. Read all the information and watch video.

Complete Part 3. Read all the information, watch the videos, and try the example in Web of Science.

Review the content in Part 4. If you feel unsure about plagiarism, be sure to consult one of the self-guided tutorials.

In preparation for Part 5, familiarize yourself with the NFPA Safety Diamond (

Please contact me if you have any problems.

Want to Access Electronic Resources Off-Campus?

Be sure to use the UA Libraries Catalog or Web site to use the proxy server. Go to a definition of a proxy server. opens new window You will be prompted for your UANet ID and password from The University of Akron Login screen. Most of the time you will be prompted one time per browser session.

If you go to the URL of the resource directly, you will bypass the proxy server.

Some resources like SciFinder will require another user id and password, but most don't. Often when you are prompted by anything besides The University of Akron Login screen or the OhioLINK Authentication screen, either

  • you did not go through or were somehow dropped by the proxy server or
  • we do not have access to the particular item, such as an article from a year of a journal that is not part of our subscription. Check the Publication Finder to verify dates that we subscribe.

Very Useful Links