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Nursing: Nursing Theories

This guide highlights nursing and related resources and services for the UA community.

eBooks and Books

Selected eBooks and books providing background information on critical theories and models:

Finding Articles

When using CINAHL, use the CINAHL Headings (located in the navigation bar of the database):
1. On the search box, type either Nursing Theory or Theoretical Nursing Models. NOTE: If you know the name of a specific theory, type the name on the search box.
2. Look for the recommended theory/model. Click on the hyperlink of the subject. 
3. This will show a "CINAHL tree" or hierarchy of terms. Select the term you want by checking the box next to it. 
4. Click on the green "Search Database" button. Contact Marilia for questions.

Other Tips for Searching theory information using the CINAHL database:
1. Combine keywords using Boolean operators (e.g., AND, OR) Example: "Orem Self-Care Model" AND "cancer patients"
2. Search by the author (the name of the theorist)