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Course Reserves

What Can Be Requested for ERES?

Electronic Reserve

  • PDFs, weblinks, Word docs, PowerPoints...any format that can also be uploaded to Brightspace.
  • Excerpts and chapters of books can be placed on Electronic Reserve.
  • Articles from journals should be placed on Electronic Reserve.
  • Materials for long distance learning students should be placed on Electronic Reserve.
  • Electronic Reserve materials are kept on Brightspace and are only accessible to current students.
  • Materials cannot be placed on "Permanent Reserve"  and must instead be renewed every semester.

Request Course Reserves

Instructors may request materials for course reserves in several ways, but the preferred method is via email

(a) by reaching out to the Course Reserves Coordinator Marie Zufall via email at or by telephone at (330) 972-6193,


(b) by visiting the service desk at Bierce Library, or


(c) online via the forms linked below



Request a physical book, DVD, or other hardcopy material


Request an article, streaming video, or other electronic format to be posted on Brightspace



Frequently Asked Questions

What are ERES articles? What is Electronic Reserve?

Electronic Reserves, or ERES, are PDFs or websites selected by instructors for their Course’s Brightspace page.

Approved ERES articles are either in the public domain, covered under fair use, or properly licensed and paid for by the Bierce Library.

How do I request ERES for Brightspace?

Make an request through the Electronic Course Reserves form. There you will be prompted to provide information about your course. Click on the Add Item to add bibliographic information about the material that you want to add to your Brightspace Page.

Click the green button as many times as necessary to provide more bibliographic information. Remember to complete the request by selecting Submit Request at the bottom of the page.

What sort of materials may be requested?

ERES is ideal for chapters from a book or articles from a journal which may be requested by instructors.

Do I give you the PDFs? Do I upload the articles myself?

Instructors who opt into Electronic Reserve do not need to track down the articles. They may just provide the reserves manager with the proper citation.

Where are the ERES articles located?

Electronic Reserve articles will be automatically added to your Brightspace under content and filed in a Module named Reserve Articles. Once added to the Brightspace page, the instructor may move or rename the article to better suit the course.

How long will it take to process my request?

ERES requests should take no longer than 2 weeks to complete. Please request articles before they are required to ensure materials are available in time. Delays may occur depending on how difficult the article is to acquire.

All requests made before the start of the semester will be uploaded before the first day, or rushed so students will have access as soon as possible.

Can I request something for ERES if it is not already online?

Articles and select chapters can be added to Springboard regardless of whether they were found originally online or offline. When determining whether something is eligible for ERES, we look for how we can get permission rather than were it came from. For example, a chapter of a book can be requested for ERES regardless of whether the book is already online or not. Assuming copyright compliance can be attained, your request will likely be approved.

How long will my ERES articles last?

All ERES articles you request will be accessible through your Brightspace page throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, students and instructors will no longer be able to view the article. This measure is in place to ensure copyright compliance is maintained.

If you would like to provide your course reserve articles for multiple semesters, please contact the course reserves manager for your location.

 When I try to access my ERES articles I get an error. What should I do?

A PDF may not open if the article expired from the previous semester. Please contact the course reserves manager to either fix the problem or troubleshoot other potential problems.

Who is my course reserve manager?

If the class is hosted at the Wayne Library, please contact Marie Zufall.

If the class is hosted on the Main Campus, please contact Marie Zufall.