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Strings Studio

A guide for strings studio library research.

Searching for Music - general

Here are some suggestions for searching for music (scores or recordings)

  • Use the library catalog - ZipSearch searches too many resources and will provide too many irrelevant results
  • Use the advanced search:  under material type, check "music score" for scores or "music record" for recordings
  • If a "unique" title, search for the entire title in quotation marks ("Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima")
  • If a "generic" title, use the plural version of the form ("sonatas") and the instrument ("violin") with composer's name and browse through results


For scores

If you can't find it:

  • Try searching for composer's last name as author and "works" as title to see if we have the collected works of that composer.  They will contain scholarly editions of the composer's output.
  • Click on "Search OhioLINK" to see if there is a copy available to borrow

For recordings:

  • Both physical recordings and streaming recordings from our databases are in the catalog.  Physical copies have a location and call number; streaming recordings have a "go" button
  • If you can't find a recording, go to the Naxos Music Library and search there
  • You can try clicking the "Search OhioLINK" button, but many schools won't let their recordings circulate off-campus