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Bluebook Quick Reference: Abbreviations and How-tos


Below are 3 compiled lists of Legal Periodicals that are nonconsecutively paginated and their correct abbreviations. To quickly locate a specific periodical that you are searching for, you may want to consider using your internet browser's "Find/Find on Page" feature.

Rule 16 of the Bluebook instructs you to use Tables 10 and 13 to abbreviate the names of periodicals, but abbreviations are not provided for everything.

Rule 16.4 provides the citation format for "consecutively paginated journals" - meaning the page numbers run through each issue of an entire volume.  Rule 16.5 gives a different citation format for journals that are separately paginated within each issue ("nonconsecutively paginated"), 

Legal Periodicals that are Nonconsecutively Paginated (A-I)

Periodical Name Abbreviation
ABA Journal ABA J.
Was: American Bar Association Journal (Vol. 1-Vol. 69) ABA J.
Advocate Advoc.
Absorbed: Idaho State Bar News Bulletin (Mar. 1958) Idaho St. B. News Bull.
Air and Space Lawyer, The Air & Space Law.
Air Force Law Review    Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: United States Air Force JAG Law Review 
          (Vol. 6, no. 6- Vol. 15, no. 2)        
Consecutively Paginated
Was: United States Air Force  JAG Bulletin
          (Vol. 1, no. 1- Vol. 6, no. 5)
U.S.A.F. JAG Bull.
Alabama Lawyer, The Ala. Law.
ALI-ABA Business Law Course Materials Journal ALI-ABA Bus. L. Course Materials J.
Was: ALI-ABA Course Materials Journal (Vol. 1-Vol.24, no. 2) ALI-ABA Course Materials J.
AmLaw Tech AmLaw Tech
Antitrust Law and Economics Review Antitrust L. & Econ. Rev.
Arizona Attorney Ariz. Atty.
Was: Arizona Bar Journal (1965-June/July 1998) Ariz. B.J.
Was: Arizona Bar Briefs Ariz. B. Brs.
Arkansas Law Notes Ark. L. Notes
Arkansas Lawyer Ark. Law.
Army Lawyer Army Law.
Atlanta Journal & Constitution Atlanta J. & Const.
Baltimore Sun Balt. Sun
Bar Examiner, The B. Examr.
Bar Leader B. Leader
Was: Bar Activities (Vol. 1-Vol. 7, no. 2) B. Activities
Was: Bar Keys B. Keys
Bench & Bar of Minnesota Bench & B. Minn.
Beverly Hills Bar Association Journal Beverly Hills B. Assn. J.
Was: Journal of the Beverly Hills Association (Vol. 1-Vol. 11, no.3) J. Beverly Hills B. Assn.
Boston Bar Journal Boston B.J.
Was: Bar Bulletin (Jan. 1924-Dec. 1956) B. Bull.
Boston Globe Bos. Globe
Boston Herald Bos. Herald
Buffalo News Buff. News
Business Week Bus. Week
California Lawyer Cal. Law.
Was: California State Bar Journal (Vol. 47-Vol. 56) Cal. St. B.J.
Was: Journal-State Bar of California (Vol. 17, no.3- Vol. 46) J.-St. B. Cal.
Was: State Bar Journal of the State Bar of California (Vol. 1- Vol. 17, no.2) St. B.J. St. B. Cal.
Case & Comment Case & Cmt.
Was: Case and Comment (Vol.  1- Vol. 71, no 3) Case & Cmt.
CBA Record CBA Rec.
Was: Chicago Bar Record (Vol. 16-Vol. 67, no. 2) Chi. B. Rec.
Was: Chicago Bar Association Record, The (Vol. 1- Vol. 15) Chi. B. Assn. Rec.
Chicago Sun Times Chi. Sun Times
Children’s Legal Rights Journal Children’s Leg. Rights J.
Chronicle of Higher Education Chron. Higher Educ.
Colorado Lawyer Colo. Law.
Connecticut Bar Journal Conn. B.J.
Construction Lawyer Constr. Law.
Corporate Counsel Corp. Couns.
Corporate Counsel Quarterly Corp. Couns.’s Q.
Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-J. (Louisville, Ky.)
Criminal Justice Crim. Just.
Criminal Justice Ethics Crim. Just. Ethics
Criminology Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Criminologica (Vol. 1- Vol. 9) Criminologica
Currents: International Trade Law Journal Currents
Dallas Morning News Dallas Morn. News
Delaware Lawyer Del. Law.
Denver Post Denv. Post
Detroit News Det. News
Dispute Resolution Journal Dis. Res. J.
Was: Arbitration Journal (Vol. 1- Vol. 6; n.s. Vol, 1- Vol. 48) Arb. J.
East European Constitutional  Review E. Eur. Const. Rev.
Estate Planning Est. Plan.
Family Advocate Fam. Advoc.
Was: Family Law Newsletter, The (Vol. 11-Vol. 18) Fam. L. Newsltr.
Was: Family Lawyer, The (Vol. 1- Vol. 10) Fam. Law.
Family Court Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal Fam. Ct. Rev.
Was: Family and Conciliation Court Review (Vol. 27, no.1-Vol. 38, no. 4) Consecutively Paginated
Federal Lawyer, The Fed. Law.
Was: Federal Bar & News Journal (Vol. 28-Vol. 41) Fed. B. & News. J.
Was: Federal Bar News (Vol. 1- Vol. 27) Fed. B. News
Federal Probation Fed. Probation
Florida Bar Journal Fla. B.J.
Was: Florida Law Journal (Vol. 8- Vol. 27, no.6) Fla. L.J.
Was: Florida State Bar Association Law Journal (Vol. 1- Vol. 8) Fla. St. B. Assn. L.J.
For the Defense For Def.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram Ft. Worth Star-Teleg.
Franchise Law Journal Fran. L.J.
 Was: Journal of the Forum Committee on Franchising 
           (Vol. 4, no. 1-Vol. 3)      
J. Forum Comm. on Fran.
Was: Newsletter on the Forum Committee on Franchising                                        
          (Vol. 1, no. 1-Vol. 1, no.3)
Newsltr. Forum Comm. on Fran.
General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Lawyer Gen. Prac. Solo & Small Firm Law.
Was: Compleat Lawyer, The (Vol. 1-Vol. 1, no. 2)               Compleat Law.
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Georgetown University Law Center Immigration Reporter
           (Fall 1983-Spring 1985)
Geo. U. L. Ctr. Immig. Rep.
Was: Immigration Monitoring Report (1981- Spring 1983) Immig. Monitoring Rpt.
Georgia Bar Journal Ga. B.J.
Was: Georgia State Bar Journal (Vol. 1- Vol. 31) Ga. St. B.J.
Government Union Review and Public Policy Digest Govt. Union Rev. & Pub. Policy Dig.
Great Plains Natural Resources Journal Great Plains Nat. Resources J.
Was: Greater North Central Natural Resources Journal Greater N.C. Nat. Resources J.
Guild Practitioner Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Law in Transition (Vol. 21-Vol. 23) Consecutively Paginated
Was: Lawyers Guild Review (Vol. 1- Vol. 20) Laws. Guild Rev.
Was: National Lawyers Guild Quarterly (1937-1940) Consecutively Paginated
Harvard International Law Journal Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Harvard International Law Club Journal 
          (Vol. 4-Vol. 7, no.2)
Consecutively Paginated
Was: Harvard International Law Club Bulletin, The
          (Vol. 3)
Harv. Intl. L. Club Bull.
Was: Bulletin of the Harvard International Law Club
          (Vol. 1- Vol. 2)
Bull. Harv. Intl. L. Club
Hastings Law Journal Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Hastings Journal, The (Vol. 1) Hastings J.
Hawaii Bar Journal Haw. B.J.
Houston Chronicle Hous. Chron.
Human Rights Quarterly Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Universal Human Rights Review (1976-1981) Universal Hum. Rights
Illinois Bar Journal Ill. B.J.
Was: Quarterly Bulletin (1912-1931) Q. Bull.
Indianapolis Star Indian. Star
Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal Intell. Prop. & Tech. L.J.
Was: Journal of Propriety Rights (Vol. 1- Vol. 13)                Consecutively Paginated
International Legal Perspectives (Nonconsecutively paginated in 2004) Intl. Leg. Persps.
International Tax Journal, The Intl. Tax J.

Legal Periodicals that are Nonconsecutively Paginated (J-R)

Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Journal of Arts Management and Law (Vol. 12- Vol. 21) J. Arts Mgt. & L.
Was: Performing Arts Review (Vol. 1- Vol. 11) Perf. Arts Rev.
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, The Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Law, Medicine & Health Care (Vol. 9, no.4- Vol. 20) L. Med. & Health Care
Was: Medicolegal News (Vol. 1- Vol. 9, no.3) Medicolegal News
Absorbed: Nursing Law & Ethics Nursing L. & Ethics
Journal of State Taxation J. St. Taxn.
Journal of the Kansas Bar Association, The J. Kan. B. Assn.
Was: Journal of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, The (Vol. 1- Vol. 32) J.B. Assn. St. Kan.
Absorbed: Kansas Barletter Kan. Barltr.
Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, and Policy Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Transportation Practitioners Journal (Vol. 52- Vol. 61) Consecutively Paginated
Was: ICC’s Practitioner’s Journal (Vol. 1- Vol. 51) Consecutively Paginated
Was: Bulletin of the Association of Practitioners before
 the Interstate Commerce Commission (1931-1933)
Bull. Assn. Practs. before ICC
Judges Journal Judges J.
Was: Trial Judges’ Journal (Vol. 1- Vol. 10, no. 1) Tr. Judges’ J.
Judicature Judicature
Was: Journal of the American Judicature Society (Vol. 1- Vol. 49) J. Am. Judicature Socy.
Justice System Journal, The Just. Sys. J.
Juvenile & Family Court Journal Juv. & Fam. Ct. J.
Was: Journal of Juvenile & Family Courts (Vol. 1- Vol. 29, no. 1) J. Juv. & Fam. Cts.
Kansas City Star Kan. City Star
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy Kan. J.L & Pub. Policy
Law Office and Computing L. Off. & Computing
Law Practice L. Prac.
Was: Law Practice Management (Vol. 16- Vol. 29) L.Prac. Mgt.
Was: Legal Economics (Vol. 1- Vol. 15) Leg. Econ.
Law School Record, The L. Sch. Rec.
Law/Technology L./Tech.
Was: Law and Computer Technology (Vol. 1- Vol. 13, no 1/2) L. & Computer Tech.
Legal Management Leg. Mgt.
Was: Legal Administrator (Vol. 1- Vol. 7) Leg. Adminstr.
Legal Reference Services Quarterly Leg. Ref. Servs. Q.
Legal Studies Forum Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: American Legal Studies Association: ALSA Forum (Vol. 2- Vol. 8) Consecutively Paginated
Was: Newsletter (American Legal Studies Association) (Vol. 1) ASLA Newsltr.
Lincoln Law Review Lincoln L. Rev.
Litigation Litig.
Los Angeles Lawyer

L.A. Law.

Los Angeles Times L.A. Times
Maine Bar Journal Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Bar Bulletin (1983-1985) Consecutively Paginated
Was: Maine Bar Bulletin (1967-1982) Me. B. Bull.
Maryland Bar Journal Md. B.J.
Michigan Bar Journal Mich. B.J.
Was: Journal/State Bar of Michigan (Vol. 55, no. 3- Vol. 57) J./St. B. Mich.
Was: Michigan State Bar Journal (Vol.1- Vol. 55, no. 2) Mich. St. B.J.
Milwaukee Journal & Sentinel Milw. J. & Sent.
National Law Journal Natl. L.J.
Natural Resources & Environment Nat. Resources & Env.
Was: Natural Resources Lawyer (1968-1985) Nat. Resources Law.
Nevada Lawyer Nev. Law.
Was: Inter Alia Journal of the State Bar of Nevada (Apr. 1973-Oct. 1992) Inter Alia J. St. B. Nev.
Was: Nevada State Bar Journal (Jan. 1936- Jan. 1973) Nev. St. B.J.
New Hampshire Bar Journal

N.H. B.J.

New Jersey Lawyer N.J. Law.

New Orleans Times-Picayune

N.O. Times-Picayune

New York Times

N.Y. Times
Ocean Development and International Law Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Ocean Development and International Law Journal (Vol. 1, no. 1- Vol. 1, no.2)          Ocean Dev. & Intl. L.J.

Orange County Register

Orange Co. Register
Orlando Sentinel Orlando Sent.

Philadelphia  Inquirer

Phila. Inquirer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pitt. Post-Gaz.
Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)
Portland Oregonian Port. Oregonian
Practical Lawyer Prac. Law.

Practical Litigator, The

Prac. Litig.
Practical Real Estate Lawyer, The Prac. Real. Est. Law.
Practical Tax Lawyer, The Prac. Tax. Law.
Preventive Law Reporter Preventive L. Rep.
Was: Preventive Law Newsletter Preventive L. Newsltr.

Probate & Property

Prob. & Prop.

Professional Lawyer, The

Prof. Law.

Prosecutor, Journal of the National District Attorneys Association, The 
(nonconsecutively paginated starting with Vol. 16)

Was: NDAA: Journal of the National District Attorneys Association (Vol. 1- Vol. 3, no. 3)           Consecutively Paginated
Public Interest Law Reporter Pub. Interest L. Rptr.
Quarterly/Christian Legal Society Q./CLS
Was: Christian Legal Society Quarterly (Vol. 1) Christian Leg. Socy. Q.
Res Gestae Res Gestae
Rhode Island Bar Journal R.I. B.J.
Rocky Mountain News Rocky Mt. News

Legal Periodicals that are Nonconsecutively Paginated (S-Z)

San Antonio Express-News San Antonio Exp.-News  
San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego Union-Trib.
San Francisco Attorney

S.F. Atty.

San Francisco Chronicle              S.F. Chron.
School Law Bulletin   Sch. L. Bull.
Scrivener Scrivener
Search and Seizure Law Report    Search & Seizure L. Rpt.
South Carolina Lawyer S.C. Law.
St. Petersburg Times St. Pete. Times
Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.)
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)    Star Trib. (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Student Lawyer                Student Law.
Was: Student Lawyer Journal (Dec. 1967- June 1972) Student Law. J.
Was: Student Lawyer of the American Bar Association (Sept. 1967- Nov. 1967) Student Law. ABA

Was: Student Lawyer Journal of the American Law Student
Association (Oct. 1955- Aug. 1967)

Student Law. J. Am. L. Student Assn.
Tax Management Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal, The (July/Aug. 1976- Nov./Dec. 1983) Ests., Gifts & Trusts J.
Tax Management Memorandum Tax Mgt. Memo.
Taxes: The Tax Magazine Taxes
Tennessee Bar Journal Tenn. B.J.
Trauma Trauma
Trial Trial
Trial Lawyers Quarterly (nonconsecutively paginated since Volume 118)       Tr. Laws. Q.
Tulane European and Civil Law Forum Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: Tulane Civil Law Forum Ceased with Volumes 6/7,issued 1991-1992
 (Note: Suspended 1977-1987)
Tul. Civ. L. Forum
USA Today USA Today
Utah Bar Journal Utah B.J.
VBA News Journal VBA News J.
Was: Virginia Bar Association Journal (Jan. 1975- Spring 1998) Va. B. Assn. J.
Wall Street Journal Wall St. J.
Washington Lawyer, The Wash. Law.
Was: District Lawyer (1976-July/Aug. 1985) Dist. Law.
Was: D.C. Bar Journal (Nov. 1966-1973) D.C. B.J.
Was:Journal of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia (1934-Oct. 1966)       J.B. Assn. D.C.
Washington Monthly Wash. Mthly.
Washington Post Wash. Post
Washington State Bar News Wash. St. B. News
West Virginia Law Review Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: West Virginia Law Quarterly and the Bar (Vol. 25-Vol. 51)                      Consecutively Paginated
Was: Bar, The (Vol. 3-Vol. 24) B. (W. Va.)
Was: West Va. Bar, The (Vol. 1-Vol. 2) Consecutively Paginated
Was: West Virginia Bar, The (1894- 1895) Consecutively Paginated
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy
Currently Consecutively Paginated
Was: William and Mary Journal of Environmental Law (Vol. 15-Vol. 18) Consecutively Paginated
Was: Environmental Practice News (Vol. 1-Vol. 14) Envtl. Prac. News
Wisconsin Lawyer, The Wis. Law.
Was: Wisconsin Bar Bulletin, The (Vol. 22-Vol. 61) Wis. B. Bull.
Was: Bulletin of the Wisconsin Bar Association (Vol. 21, no. 3-Vol. 21, no. 4) Consecutively Paginated
Was:  Bulletin of the State Bar Association of Wisconsin (Vol. 1-Vol.21, no 2.) Consecutively Paginated
Women’s Rights Law Reporter (nonconsecutively 
Paginated since volume 3)
Women’s Rights L. Rptr.
Young Lawyer Young Law.
Was: Barrister (Feb. 1974-Fall 1996) Barrister