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Bluebook Quick Reference: Abbreviations and How-tos

How to Use

This page contains abbreviations for some secondary sources you will frequently use in legal research that are not included in the Bluebook. You may use these abbreviations whenever citing one of these sources for any legal research classes offered at Akron Law.

Frequently Used Secondary Source Abbreviations


Ohio Jurisprudence, third series  - Ohio Jur. 3d

American Jurisprudence, second series - Am. Jur.2d 

Corpus Juris Secundum - C.J.S.


American Law Reports:

First Series               A.L.R.

Second Series           A.L.R.2d

Third Series               A.L.R.3d

Fourth Series            A.L.R.4th

Fifth Series               A.L.R.5th

Sixth Series              A.L.R.6th

ALR Fed                  A.L.R. Fed.

ALR Fed Second      A.L.R. Fed.2d

ALR International      A.L.R. Int'l