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Electronic Engineering Technology

Access IEEE Xplore

The best way to get to a specific database is to use the Databases by Title hyperlink.

What Publications are Available in IEEE?

You can always use the settings dropdown and select "What can I access" to find out what is available from IEEE Xplore. opens new window

IEEE Xplore contains full text of

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) journals and conference proceedings
  • Bell Labs Technical Journal

You can also download full text of IEEE standards including

  • Current and historical standards
  • Redline versions of the standards
    • Describing the changes between the active standard and the previous edition

But you are not able to download draft standards.

There are packages that we cannot download full text through IEEE Xplore, but we might have full text download available elsewhere. Be sure to search the library catalog and the E-Journals hyperlink on the University Libraries Web page. opens new window Seek the volume and year that you want.

IEEE Xplore – Tutorials

Learn how to use the advanced search function for more precision when searching for articles on your topic. A transcript can be found on YouTube.

Structured Advanced Search Example

Seek information about very large scale integration and robotics by

  1. Typing "very large scale integration" OR vlsi (include quotation marks and OR must be in caps) in the search terms textbox in the first row 
  2. Typing robotic in the search terms textbox in the second row.
A configurable VLSI chip for DC motor control for compact, low-current robotic systems
Included in Your Digital Subscription
N. Ekekwe ; R. Etienne-Cummings ; P. Kazanzides
2006 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
Year: 2006 | Conference Paper | Publisher: IEEE
Cited by: Papers (5) | Patents (1) Abstract (html) PDF ©
A systematic method for configuring VLSI networks of spiking neurons
lock indicating not part of subscription
Neftci, E; Chicca, E; Indiveri, G; Douglas, R
LS button Neural Computation
Year: 2011 | Volume: 23, Issue: 10 | Journal Article | Publisher: MIT Press
Cited by: Papers (13)
Abstract PDF © Full text access may be available. Click article title to sign in or learn about subscription options. Check Full Text Finder for more information

There is an icon (unlocked) that indicates that the article is included in our digital subscription. We can download A configurable VLSI chip for DC motor control for compact, low-current robotic systems. opens new window

We can't download "A Systematic Method for Configuring VLSI Networks of Spiking Neurons." This record has a locked icon and IEEE directs you to sign in and pay for the article; however, the article is available for download, just not from IEEE Xplore. We can check Full Text Finder for more information by selecting the button. The article can be downloaded from EBSCO. Even if we didn't have the article somewhere else, you could always use interlibrary loan. Don't buy the article!

How to Use Filtering

Let’s say there are too many results for your search:

  • (drive OR motor) AND reluctance.

There are several options to remove some irrelevant results.

Search within results textbox:

If you were interested in aerospace applications, you could add the term aerospace to the search by using the Search within results textbox. Keep in mind that if the term aerospace is not in the title, abstract, keywords, etc., it will not appear in the results set. The document could have information about aerospace applications, but the author doesn’t use the term aerospace.

To add the term, type aerospace in the textbox and select the search within results button.

Author button/filter:

When the author button is expanded, a textbox appears where an author name can be entered. Using this textbox is very helpful because sometimes there are variations in author names and this textbox can help you find more articles by the author in IEEE Xplore.

For this example,

  1. Remove the term aerospace by selecting the x button after the term.
  2. Next, type Gerada in the textbox under the author button.

There is an entry Chris Gerada and C. Gerada. These could be the same author.

Can I use IEEE Xplore Off-Campus?

Be sure to use the UA Libraries Catalog or Web site to use the proxy server or OhioLINK authentication. Go to a definition of a proxy server. opens new window

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