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Full Text of Periodicals

What are Periodicals?

Periodicals are publications published several times per year. Journals, newspapers, newsletters and magazines are different types of periodicals.

What is Full Text?

Full text is "An electronic resource that provides the entire text of a single work or of articles published in one or more journals, magazines, and/or newspapers."

Source: ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting the Full Text of Articles After Searching a Database

Many databases provide the full text of articles. However, many others do not. For those that do not, there are several ways to find the full text (the entire text), usually as PDF [Portable Document Format] or HTML format, after you have searched a database or index. The steps are detailed below:

STEP 1: Look for the available full text links on the database (see examples below):


                 PDF Full Text                                HTML Full Text                         

  • When searching a database or an index, take a look at your results screen or a more detailed record of the item you want to retrieve. If one of those links appears, click on it and you will retrieve the full text of the article.

  • If a PDF or other full-text option is not listed, go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Look for and click on the UA Check for Full Full Text options (see examples below):


Click the Full Text Finder or the UA Check for Full Text link within the record of the article to determine availability options of the full-text. A new window will open with a series of options for finding the full text. Options may include:

  • Get Full Text:
    If an online version of the work is available, one or more links will appear (if one link doesn't work, try another). Usually the link connect to a specific article, the database where the journal is available, or to the journal's official website (especially for open access journals). You will then need to navigate or perform a search to reach the full text of the

  • Full Text not Available?
    This is a shortcut to the UA Libraries’ InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service. Look for the Request this item through interlibrary loan link when no full text is available online. Use ILL services to request an electronic copy from another library (free of charge to you). You must have a free ILL account before submitting ILL requests.

Don't know if you have an ILL account or Want to Create your ILL account?
To create or check about the status of your ILL account, go to the ILL link on the University Libraries homepage: