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Social Work Research: Research Proposal

Research Proposal Assignment

Develop a quantitative research proposal in an area of interest based on an at-risk or vulnerable population.

Steps for the Literature Review Portion for Part I


  • Poke around the social work literature to get familiar with terminology
  • Focus on topics that are meaningful, relevant, interesting to you personally

Define the Problem:

  • Problem statement
  • Purpose statement

Research: Perform your literature review

  • Search databases and collect research articles to consider for your literature review
  • Search multiple databases and adjust search strategies
  • Organize collected research articles and select the items to include in  your literature review
    • 7 research articles for individuals, 10 for pairs, 14 for groups of three
    • Must include at least one research article from these categories:
      • Quantitative
      • Qualitative
      • Meta-analysis or Systematic Review
    • Research articles should be published in the past 10 years
  • Write the literature review

Identify Gaps in the Literature

Craft your Research Hypothesis

Create your Reference Page using APA format