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The University of Akron Wayne College Library

UA Wayne College Library Acceptable Behavior Policy

The Wayne College Library is committed to providing a safe, pleasant and productive environment for both patrons and library employees. We welcome users and visitors whose needs for use reflect the educational mission of the library. We value respectful human interactions and the stewardship and protection of our information resources and physical facilities.  We ask that our patrons support these values by demonstrating positive behaviors while using any library at The University of Akron.

The Wayne College Library Staff is charged with:

  • Providing access to library resources and facilities
  • Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for both library users and employees
  • Protecting library resources and facilities

The following are examples of behaviors that, because they are illegal, are not permitted:

  • The use of any product that contains tobacco or nicotine, that is intended for human consumption, or is likely to be consumed, whether smoked, vaped, heated, chewed, absorbed, dissolved or ingested by any means including electronic devices.
  • Using illegal substances, including alcohol
  • Damaging or altering library property, including computers
  • Stealing library materials
  • Exhibitionism
  • Soliciting or canvassing of any kind unless authorized by Wayne College

Other behaviors, while not illegal, do violate the communal expectations for use of the Wayne College Library shared resources, and are, therefore, not permitted. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Ignoring posted noise level expectations
  • Refusing to leave at closing time and during emergency evacuations
  • Opening emergency exits or activating emergency alarms, except in cases of emergency
  • Engaging in behavior of a sexual nature or sexual harassment
  • Riding vehicles with wheels, except as permitted by the Office of Accessibility
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals,into public areas
  • Carrying weapons, except as permitted under federal, state, or local statutes
  • Leaving young children unattended

Patrons who feel threatened by the behavior of others should immediately report the threat to the University of Akron Police x2911. They should report other concerns to library employees.

Library employees have the authority to bring inappropriate behavior, as defined by these and other rules, to the attention of the individual demonstrating such behavior. If that person will not alter his or her behavior, that individual will be asked to leave library property. Violators of this policy may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or university discipline in accordance with The University of Akron's policy on campus conduct (OAC 3359-40-01).

The Wayne College Library has adapted relevant portions of The University of Akron Libraries Acceptable Behavior Policy.

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